GST related services

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  1. Advice and or opinion on applicability of GST on services provided by clients.
  2. ii. Advice on CENVAT and other benefits applicable to the organization
  3. Verification of correctness of claim of CENVAT credit taken by the clients and advice on that while preparing return or doing the GST Audit.
  4. Giving advice on how and which type of documents required to be maintained by the client for the purpose of GST.
  5. Verification of Point of Taxation of Services provided by clients to save from the penalty on late issuance of bill.
  6. Verification of Place of Provision of Services provided by clients or to the clients to determine the GST liability in case of import or export of services and or otherwise.
  7. Preparation of the challan on basis Data Provided by Clients
  8. GST Return preparation and Filling.
  9. Suggestions of method of valuation of stock
  10. GST Compliance Review
  11. Handling Matter with the Departments
    1. Reply of all queries, objections and or notices including show cause notices issued by the Department.
    2. Help client while Auditor appointed by the Govt. for purpose of conducting GST Audit at clients place.
    3. Preparation, filling and conducting of appeal At original appellate level and at Tribunal level.
    4. Handling stay matters upto Tribunals.
    5. Handling Work conducted by the Preventive and or DGCEI at clients place.
    6. Scrutiny.