GST Compliance Review – A unique concept for law abide management

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  1. Taking knowledge of all services provided and received by the Organization.
  2. Verification of Registration Certificate i.e. ST-2
  3. Obtain from the organization a List of Books of Accounts Maintained as per GST Rules.
  4. Applicability of Centralized registration.
  5. Verification of financial records maintained by the Organization and advice, if required, on further records required to maintain.
  6. Verification of Contracts and agreements to determine correct classification and valuation of services provided the billing and receipt pattern as well.
  7. Verification of Point of Taxation of Services provided by clients to save from the penalty on late issuance of bill.
  8. Verification of Place of Provision of Services provided by clients or to the clients to determine the GST liability in case of import or export of services and or otherwise.
  9. Verification of correctness of abatement or exemption available and or taken.
  10. Verification of eligibility, availment and or utilization of proper CENVAT credit on inputs, input services and capital goods and reversal of it in specified circumstances.
  11. Verification of Expenditures and or liabilities to determine correct GST liability under partial charge and or full Reverse Charge Mechanism.
  12. Verification of ST returns with the books of accounts and reconciliation thereof.
  13. Verification of Payment of challan with Govt. records on official web-site.
  14. Report and comment upon the areas where the GST law and procedures are not followed correctly.
  15. Advice, opinion on tax compliances further required and tax benefits available to the organization within the four corners of the law.