Risk Management

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  1. Identifies business risks and provides practical solutions to limit these risks and protect the interest of Stake holders.
  2. Our report reveals the assets not cover or inadequately cover under insurance and or assets covered but not held.
  3. Advice on how to protect your business through comprehensive insurance packages. e.g. Generally business owners do not cover infidelity insurance even though knowing the possible risk of fraud in the organization.
  4. Critical review of policy terms and conditions at the end of each year to know impact of the changes in law during the year. Like, whether workman compensation policy covers medical expenses as per amended WC Act?
  5. Help in guiding the clauses which are required to be incorporated in the insurance policy looking to the nature of particular business. e.g. incorporation of goods held in trust clause, Warehouse to warehouse clause in marine policy etc.
  6. Help the organization in comparing the insurance policy vis-a-vis insurance offer letter received from Insurance Company and information mentioned in the proposal form to check the impact of each and every discrepancy in the final policy and promises about the different types of risk coverage in the Insurance policy.
  7. Claims management:- Advise for preparation of documents for claim settlement. Also helps claimant for better negotiation with the surveyor and insurer.
  8. Assist in deciding whether the organization should get the benefit of insurance dispute redressal mechanisms set by the government.