Project financing

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  1. Advice in preparing personal as well as business Presentation to introduce organization with lender.
  2. Guidance on the selection of project and/or their location vis-a-vis benefits of Government’s incentive Schemes / subsidies, Tax benefits etc. i.e 80IA, 80JJA
  3. Giving understanding regarding different policies for SEZ, SIR etc. related to the business of the organization and the status required for the organization.
  4. Help in getting permission from various Authorities for start up of the Project.
  5. Help in registering the foreign partner in FII and FDI format.
  6. Consulting on getting finance from various agencies e.g. Bank, Venture Capitalist NBFC etc.
  7. Assessing existing Structure of Debt and need of Finance. Also help Organization to alter structure to optimum level of Debt Equity Ratio
  8. Help to create multi-tier system of financing support
  9. Help to Incorporate business at Abroad.