Internal Audit

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  1. Getting knowledge about business of client.
  2. Preparation of organizational chart.
  3. Understanding of Authority and responsibility of persons in the organization.
  4. Verification of internal control procedure and correctness of the same or advice on improvement of the same.
  5. Verification in depth of the financial records maintained by the organization based on evaluation of internal control procedure.
  6. Verification of compliance of various laws applicable to the organization and report thereon.
  7. Verification of accounting policies mentioned in the Audit report and checking of the same that whether the organization followed the same or not. Suggestions on improvement or changes therein.
  8. Verification and compliance of accounting standards and norms prescribed by the Govt. and or CA Institute and advice on how to apply them correctly, if required.
  9. Suggestions on further maintenance of documents required to be kept by the organization.