Information System Audit

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  1. Knowledge about business of client. Preparation of organizational chart. Understanding of Authority, roles and responsibility of persons in the organization.
  2. Consulting on development of the software according to the requirements of the organization.
  3. Testing of the developed software to verify the desired out-put before actual implementation.
  4. Audit of systems and applications used by the company to verify that the same are proper as per the requirement of the company and whether the data processed by the applications give desired result or not.
  5. Verification of the licenses required by organization.
  6. Verification of Audit trail – Whether provided or not in the systems.
  7. The security of the data. Audit of the proper control of the data and access of data given to the staff.
  8. Audit of place of data storage, timing and frequency of data back-up to verify whether data storage and back up process is capable to cope up with the condition of disaster i.e. crashing of the system.