Fraud and detection and Forensic Audit and Business intelligence

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Frauds are unavoidable risks and the measure at which the firms are exposed to it can decide the steps to plug those risks. Be the organization a big one or one at a small level, fidelity issues can exist and become parasitic. Before such frauds charge your organization big, one must take an advance step for prevention.

We provide you with a program that can first calculate such risks and identify the areas where internal control either weak or doesn’t exist. Like if one person is handling cash as well as cash book and or billing.

It takes a deep analysis and insight of overall functioning, structure etc. to chalk out the possible risks a company is exposed to. We also provide anti-fraud program which help an organization identify, remediate and monitor the specific risk factors that set the stage for fraud.

Forensic Accounting:

Forensic accounting is evidence gathering process and reporting, where the accountability of the fraud is established and one need the report thereon. This report is considered as evidence in the court of law u/s 45 of Indian Evidence Act and/or in the administrative proceeding.