Why RM&A?

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Our Strengths

Licensed Software’ used:-

Sr. No. Purpose Licensed Software or Subscription
1 Computer Operating Systems Microsoft
2 Accounting Tally Version 7.2 & 9
3 Filling of Income Tax Returns, Reports, forms etc. Genius
4 TDS Genius
6 Filing GST Returns, Reports, forms etc. GEN GST
7 For Appellate and tax planning purpose of Direct Tax and GST

Taxmann. In addition to Magazine of ICAI, we have also subscribed to Reputed Societies Like Bombay Chartered Accountants Society (BCAS), Chamber of Tax Consultants, Bombay and Ahmedabad Chartered Accountants Association. We also purchase a specialise book on different topic as and when publish by the above societies.
8 Anti-Virus Seqrite Endpoint Security Anti-virus
9 Mail & related Facilities Microsoft Outlook with Google Drop Box Facility
10 For preparation of Transfer Pricing Report. Capitaline Databases

(The Infrastructure also has Main/Installed Server with LAN facilities and high speed Internet Servicewhere level of lag is kept minimum. Responsibility also extended in house to take regular back-ups of necessary data and software’s to avoid data-loss, any possible interruption etc.)


  • We accept challenges with commitment and always complete it successfully with accuracy and responsibility.
  • We believe in “Honesty is the best policy” and even in challenging time we stick to it. Though it has some cost but at the end it always pays well.
  • We believe that the life we enjoy is the result of hard work of so many alive or dead people. Therefore, we help others to improve their lives.


  • Our vision is a Country, where everyone is contributing with their full potential for development of country and takes all the benefits, incentives, promotions available to them under the law of land.
  • To make people aware about the laws and promote as well as help them for voluntary compliance.
  • To help the society in such a manner that all stakeholders (Clients, Regulators and We) have WIN-WIN situations.
  • To create great awareness about risk management and thereby securing each organisation and people in case of financial mishaps.

Strength/Why RMA

  • Regularly updating each client about the changes in various Laws applicable to them.
  • Regular reminder to each client about their timely filling of challans, returns, Reports etc. and follow –up in case needed.
  • Follow –ups with the Department for any grievance till its solution.
  • Rendering services in the very personalized manner
  • Experienced professional team and Associates delivering quality services in time bound manner
  • Total customer satisfaction about the services they expected.


  • Educating people daily about morals and ethics to be followed in life.
  • Promoting daily habit of reading good motivational self-help books. Creating awareness that in today’s era, school and college education is not enough; Reading of good books and learning from that is never ending process because life has NO prescribed syllabus.
  • Promoting people to keep good motivational self-help books for visitors, employees etc. in their offices.
  • Distributing good motivational self-help books with a motto of “common man with a common sense”.